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Industry Arts
Occupation Writer, Activist, Teacher
Introduction I write and teach writing. Once I lived in a little cabin on the edge of a Ponderosa forest. I believed I would live there forever. Once I lived on a Mojave Desert mesa. There was an old Joshua Tree behind the cabin. My first act upon moving to the mesa was to free the Joshua trunk from rusted barbed wire and brads. Most of my actions in the year that I lived in that place involved extending a similar grace to my heart. I knew I would not live there forever. Once I lived in a little house with a red door at the back of a city lot in a Central Oregon town. I knew I would not live there forever. Grace slammed me back home to a trailer five minutes walk from a wetland. As I step out on the path that winds through the wetland, I look up at the San Francisco Peaks huge and gleaming to the north. Every evening I face in the four directions and pray. "To the South I offer gratitude for the child who tells stories." "To the West I offer everything I contain that is an obstacle to happiness. "To the North I offer my promise to stand in my age. "To the East I offer myself to What Comes Next."
Interests What Is
Favorite Movies McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Spirited Away, Platoon, most of Kurosawa, most of Cocteau, Barfly
Favorite Music Van Morrison, "Jessica", Chris Whitley's Perfect Day and Terra Incognita, Lou Reed's Magic and Loss, Leonard Cohen