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Gender MALE
Industry Business Services
Occupation claims adjuster
Location United States
Introduction i love my wife and 3 kids. i work in arbitration in the insurance industry. i love talking about things other people are talking about. i love the story of sports: the winners, the losers, the losers who win, the winners who lose, etc... i am also a huge sermon geek and love reading, learning about, talking about learning about, and listening to others talk about what they have learned about the Bible.
Interests paige, the Bible, mark driscoll, 30 rock, ben and jerry's ice cream, julian smith, know your meme, not shaving, flossing, the white horse inn, jack bauer of "24", b.b. warfield
Favorite Movies napoleon dynamite, hot rod, apocalypto, the lord of the rings trilogy, braveheart
Favorite Music straylight run, billy talent, citizens, ghost ship, rend collective experiment, anthem band, the wedding, metallica, underoath, norma jean, haste the day, as i lay dying, fiona apple, glassjaw, head automatica, johnny cash
Favorite Books c.s. lewis' repertoire, kevin deyoung, b.b. warfield, tullian tchividjian, michael horton, ravi zacharias' work, the Bible, my utmost for his highest, the grace exchange, the revenge of conscience, ask me anything, to kill a mockingbird, east of eden, farenheit 451, catch 22, lone survivor, and a large catalog of books which I want to read someday but would be presumptuous to place on a "favorites" list without actually reading them.

You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

dear fancy ball host, i regret to inform you that i've recently come down with a case of orange wooly jumper and will not be able to attend the fancy ball. as for the shoes I was to wear, they are ruined (covered in sticky orange wooly jumper residue). i hope your soiree was a smashing success. please consider me for your next fancy ball, however consider a middle-class ball instead.