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Industry Student
Location Cebu, Philippines
Introduction a girl with no direction.i've got a lot of planned things in mind which i'm trying to fulfill one day at a time.i wanted to be a certified goal-oriented person so i will be doing everything with less/no procastination.i wanna be myself and i want others to accept me as me.if not?better get out of my life!i hate those kiss a spiritual person but not a religious one.i believe that it's between me and my god.i like listening to other's opinions but i don't let them decide for me.i'm a risk taker.i don't want others to obstruct in everything i want to do.i believe that actions speak louder than words but words should always be spoken for emphasis.don't mess up with me coz i'll surely mess your life too.don't ever dare to hurt any of my loved-ones coz if you do you'll be regretting it for the rest of your existence.i am expressive especially through writing.thoughtful, friendly, approachable.i am petite and i'm not wishing to be bigger.i eat a lot.drink a lot.cry a lot.i hate broken promises,they tear me.i am hard-headed,stubborn,stupid,but i can be the best friend,daughter,individual one could ever have if one would do the same to me.
Interests talking, blogging, buy and sell, food, drinks, outdoors, adventures, music, dating, i like singing songs anytime, anywhere. i love to try extreme sports and leisure activities-i'll make it sure that i'll be doing those kind of stuffs before i die. i have loved dancing since then.i love to explore new things.tazmanian devil fascinates me and i am an avid collector of angel figurines (that explains my personality). i love cookies, donuts, dairy products, i think everything except for those i considered exotic. i love surprises but i don't appreciate not well-planned ones - if it fails, it breaks me.
Favorite Movies not really a movie freak but i love to watch movies especially those comedies, thrillers, suspenses, actions, and love stories. don't really like those epic type of movies coz i have a shorter attention span - less than 1 hour 45 mins only for movies.
Favorite Music music makes me alive all the time. but i'm not like those music-lovers who know everything about the music like the genre (i can't even identify which is which), the artists, newly released albums, don't even memorize the titles of the songs i like. i just love singing the songs i love and be familiar with them.
Favorite Books i love to read, yes. but not fond of it. (confused? me i do read books but not that often coz my time won't allow me. but as they said if you're just determined to do something, no more alibis or anything, but i do have. so maybe i just don't love reading anymore.