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Location St. Ignatius, Montana
Introduction I always wanted to be a gymnast. When I was little my mom made our clothes—often all the same style and color—easier to keep track of all the kids if they were all wearing the same thing. The only pets I had in high school were goldfish; one night my friends ate them. My younger brother and I ran a movie theater when I was sophomore in high school. I skipped second grade. My daughter was born weighing nearly 10 pounds. My wedding dress was black. For weeklong stretches I become nearly nocturnal. Sometimes I want to lie just to see if people will believe me. As I walked through bombed buildings in Serbia I began to understand what American means to those who don’t live here. My Grandma Elda always wears bright red lipstick, talks too loud and fast, and forms immediate opinions. When I was seven I wanted to be just like her. I can’t spell. I’ve nursed babies for four years of my life. Once my father’s cigarette ashes started my hair on fire. Once I did it myself with fireworks. I have an irrational fear of rocks blinding me as they fly up from under my lawn mower. Every time I swam naked under the moon through the phosphorescence in Puget Sound, I felt like a mermaid.