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Gender MALE
Location is Relocating
Introduction My witness is that I was born in Los Angeles, in 1962. My ancestors were Pennsylvania Dutch, previously from Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower. Growing up I was agnostic, not caring if God existed. In 1988 I began seeking to obey God. Christianity was clearly the only hope. Realizing in 1995 that Western Christianity had departed the Faith (in 1054 AD) I began to study Eastern Christianity. In the year 2000 I learned that Eastern Christianity had compromised with the west (since the fall of Constantinople to the Turks). After further study I found that when the Crusaders sacked Constantinople the victors influenced their captives, so the western heresies entered at that time. Russia distanced themselves, even putting a Greek bishop in prison. The Greeks let their books be altered by Latin heretics. In the 17th century Nikon of Russia changed toward the new Greek ways, but this was heresy. Then the Russian Old Believers were the only and last good Christians. Afterward (in the 18th century) Old Believers known as The Wanderers were true to Christ. How can there be any earthly consecrated orthodox bishops during the age of this Great Apostasy? Forgive
Interests Considerate attention to the love of God.
Favorite Movies Movies are impostors at best.
Favorite Music The song known as Znammeny Chant, and the folk forms of the same.
Favorite Books Handwritten Old Slavonic manuscripts from pre-Nikon sources.