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Introduction I live in Los Angeles. My everyday life is populated with (and made possible by) a group of very important others. Here's the low-down and glossary of folks mentioned here on the blog: :: My wasband - pronounced WUHZ-bund, as in: "He used to be my husband. Now he's my wasband." :: My Sidekick - Others would call him a "live-in boyfriend". He prefers Sidekick. :: My PIC - My Partner-In-Crime (CRAFTING crime) and I find ourselves having many crafting-related adventures. :: B-SNAK - She used to be known as The Woman Who Never Steers Me Wrong (WWNSMW). But She's Not a Knitter. Shorter acronym. Good information. :: NWAI - We've stamped together for years, and recently she's begun to KNIT! She's Not Watching American Idol. :: My SIL - My sister-in-law is glorious and crafty, and sadly lives far away. :: The many other important people in my life have been spared my writing about them thus far. It's only a matter of time, I'm sure. ::
Interests Crafting (knitting, stamping, quilting, embroidery, drawing), writing, eavesdropping.