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Gender MALE
Industry Consulting
Occupation Food and Beverage Officer
Location cheer^^ass, SelangOr, Malaysia
Introduction wat iz da hell reasOns dat u shOuld knw abOut me ha!!! ma name is hadzrin a.k.a arintaker a.k.a terrayaki bOys.. melayu tulen bang.. tulen.. m master Of da middle**finger** still teruna.. nvr ever play dat kind Of **gamez** I likez play2 wif ma play.. hak3’ just kidding m i pemarah??.. ehmm wat shOuld i angry 4?? xcept fOr dOse whO nOt listen tO ma advise n whO stabbing n cheatin back On me.. xtually m a happy gO lucky n funny guyz.. Open minded n sex minded.. have sOmething wrOng wif ma brain kOwt’ m i handsOme?? dO nO?? i let u judge.. perhapz da answer is yes la bebeh!! m i GAYer??? da answer is nu.. nu.. nu.. i **likez** tO frenz wif handsOme dude bud **luv** tO cOuplez wif hotchick!!! i likez metrOsexual stylO still single @ bujang trang tang tang.. yahOO!!! enjOy my single life first tO da fullest befOre sOmeOne cOme n share my mOney.. i luv tO b surrOunded by ma frenz n people whO i luv n OsO luv tO gO Out wif hOt chick...
Interests StRolliNg...SeLf SeRvIcE...tAlKiNg N dOiNg NoNsEnCe ThInGz...TeRmEnUnG...i LiKeZ bIg ToYz...ScAnNiNg HoRiZoN...PaRt TiMe MoDeL[PeRfUmE bOy]
Favorite Movies DiRtY mOvIeS...ScIeNcE FiCtIoN...KuNg Fu...
Favorite Music RoKeRz & HoPpErZ
Favorite Books I dUn ReAd MuCh XcEpt DiRtY bOoKz + CoOkInG BoOkZ - EdUcAtIoNaL BoOkZ