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Introduction February 19th, 2006, at 19 weeks pregnant...The day that our lives changed forever. Our 3rd baby was diagnosed with a severe heart defect. Her "official" diagnosis is Unbalanced Atrioventricular Defect. In simple terms, the heart does not develop properly. Her left side of her heart is smaller, she has too small of a mitral valve, a narrowed aorta, leakage from the valves, and a 'hole' between both the upper & lower chambers of her heart. Fortunately, our daughter had a functioning left chamber, and even though it is smaller, it continued to pump blood & continued to grow. The remainder of the pregnancy was spent with weekly testing and LOTS of praying! Our God heard our prayers. On July 9, 2007. our baby girl was born. It was perfect. Although she was taken to the NICU right after birth, we soon heard the words we were longing to hear...she was STABLE & doing okay! Maddison had open heart surgery on September 25th, 2007. They closed the holes, and tweaked the mitral valve. Although doctors claim her heart "isn't perfect", in our eyes she most certainly is! She has been created exactly the way God intended.