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Location Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Introduction I am a semi-nomadic freelance writer, environmental and social activist, and a so-called expert in geo-tourism. My writing ranges from travel guide books to human interest stories. My activism is largely dedicated to environmental protection and education. I have been gifted or cursed with an overwhelming sensitivity to injustice. I believe in fairness and objectivity. My expertise in geo-tourism comes from my desire to learn from traditional mountain and rural communities who hold the knowledge of our ancestors and therefore are a window to our past. My aim is to learn and assist them in exploring options to preserve their precious lifestyles. My inspiration comes from the good people that walk lightly (but sometimes loudly)on this earth. My guidance comes from pacha mama. I find solace in her utter perfection, balance, and harmony. She, above all, gives me the perspective I need to live my life with Pure Intent. Peace