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Introduction Those that know me well will completely understand the following story- "Mrs. Flutter Budget was at church last Sunday. She always is at church; and she never forgets her fan. I have known her for many years, and have never known her to be in church without a fan in her hand, and some article upon her person that rustled constantly. Her black silk dress is death to devotion over the space of twenty feet on all sides of her. She fixes the wires in the bonnets of her little girls, then takes their hats off entirely, then wipes their noses, then shakes her head at them, then makes them exchange seats with each other, then finds the text and the hymns for them, and then fans herself unremittingly until she can see somthing else to do. During and throughout this time, the one aritcle of dress upon her figety person that has rustle in it, rustles. It chafes against the walls of silence as a caged bear chafes, with feverish restlessness, against the walls of his cell." It is a heavy cross and one I have been chosen to carry throughout my life; whether in the church or conference table, or theater, there, without fail, sits Mrs. Flutterbudget, right behind me.
Interests I became a Christian when I was 23. Jesus called me, filled me, led me, and keeps me to this day. My mind has been utterly convinced that he is Lord and Savior, but the paths we walk on with him vary greatly. I hope to share thoughts that demonstrate that variety. Each of us believes things that are not true, and will believe differently tomorrow. I am a dogmatic follower of Christ, but not dogmatic on how He is followed. So, the quest, to inquire and learn how others hear and follow Him. Hopefully you will find something that encourages you on your way.
Favorite Movies Jekel and Hyde starring Spencer Tracy a great show to teach children the evils of drug use and dependence on abusive men, Invisible Children a powerful documentary, Prayer of Peace my sons movie about the oppression of the Burmese, Born Into Brothels
Favorite Music I was raised on early Elvis, then on to early Ray Charles, then learned to love gospel and country, my favorite gospel artist are early Mahalia Jackson, Selah, Hill Street, and Judy Sill who wrote and produced the most unique Christian album I've ever heard, I think Celion Dion is the worlds best female vocalist, I love Jerry Lee Lewis, the London Sessions are his best, I also like Delta Blues, and some classical piano.
Favorite Books Here is a brief list of my favorite Christian authors- Jeremy Taylor (The Shakespear of the preachers), Thomas Watson, Henry Ward Beecher, T.DeWitt Talmage, Fenelon, Thomas A Kempis, Charles Spurgeon, John Owen, Mother Teresa, Thomas Brooks, Timothy Titcomb, John Bunyan, William Gurnall, William Law, Poetry, I really have only one favorite poet which is an indictment on my limited reading, and He is James Whicomb Riley the Nature poet from the 1800s.