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Gender MALE
Occupation 9 to 5
Location Melbourne, Florida, United States
Introduction Some time soon, I would like to refer to myself as a Beekeeper. After 3 year I' still the poster child for “What not to do with bees”, or a “Well read in the subject” Beekeeper. I live in East Central Florida, and I first got interested with bees after reading an article about beekeepers in my local paper (Novemebr 06). Way before all the Colony Collapse Syndrome hit the news. My research on the subject began that day, and several minutes later I decided to do it. I need to thank a few books, a few Blogs, and a few Forums for my current bee knowledge. The reason for my Blog: I really haven't found much info. on How to raise bees in our nice hot and humid Florida state. Why Anonymous? only a couple of the neighbors know I have bees. Feel free to learn what not to do, to laugh at me, and with me.