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Gender MALE
Introduction S.J. Magill was born in Scotland to two parents, as is the norm. He left his family's castle at the age of nine, with only his kilt, his claymore, and his copy of "The Big Book of Haggis Recipes". He got as far as Paisley, decided that was far enough, and became a lawyer. Lawyering is a job that involves very little nonsense, but S.J. is a man quite full of nonsense. This is where the writing comes in. S.J's writing revolves around such ridiculous things as demon lawyers, werechickens, and dwarves with giant tongues.
Interests Writing, bananas, pc gaming, television, dogs, snakes, pizza, sleeping, rock climbing, curry, jack daniels, weight lifting, guitar playing, stand up comedy, heavy metal, and belgian waffles.
Favorite Movies I like most films, so I'm just going to name some that I think were awful: 1. Magnolia. I've tried numerous times to finish that film but haven't managed yet. 2. Made of Honor. Come the fuck on, Scotland isn't really like that. Kevin McKidd you are a prick for being a part of that movie! (actually I can't blame him, he probably got paid a fortune, I would sell out my country for a few million dollars too).
Favorite Music Slipknot, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters. Y'know, chillout music.
Favorite Books Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

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