St. Corbinian's Bear

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Law
Occupation Criminal Defense Lawyer
Location Flyover Country, United States
Introduction As but a bear of little brain, he tries to adhere to the Church's Magisterium on matters of faith and morals, but bears are fallible and his opinions should not necessarily be taken as correct statements of Catholic teaching, nor his example seen as typical of Catholics or worthy of emulation. He is, after all, only a bear.
Interests Reading, all things Catholic, Gaming (Ticket to Ride, Warhammer Fantasy Battles), Computers
Favorite Movies Ben Hur, Take Shelter, Tree of Life, Gladiator, Hunt for Red October, All About Eve, Groundhog Day, Ikiru, Die Hard
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Buddy and Julie Miller, Civil Wars
Favorite Books G.K. Chesterton (anything) especially Everlasting Man and Orthodoxy, Lord of the Rings, Guns of August, Fulfillment of All Desire