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Gender MALE
Occupation Helicopter Pilot-Retired, Author
Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Introduction I'm a homebody, but wherever I am is home. I enjoy cooking dinner and playing classical guitar for my friends. Ambiance is important to me. I’m neat, but a mess doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Chi of my space. I love music, hate noise; I get to choose which is which. I believe music is the language of the universe, and that 440 is the fundamental vibration of the life force. I believe in genetic logic and ethics. (They are hardwired in the Genome) We have learned to override our genes on an intellectual level, just as we are learning to override them in the physical realm, hence the human condition. I believe in the power of ing― living and dying are the same thing. If you are dying, you are not yet dead. If you are living, you are not yet dead. You get to decide which you are doing. Knowing, is easy. The difficulty is in the doing. Each morning is my birthday.
Interests Music, Classical Guitar, The arts, Reading, Writing Cooking, Chess, Jogging, Outdoors especially the sea and mountains
Favorite Movies Amadeus, Ghandi, The Godfather, Horse Whisperer, A beautiful Mind, Cider House Rules, Patton
Favorite Music I love all music especially J.S Bach, hate noise, I get to decide which is which. Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey (classical Guitar) Yo Yo Ma, Isaak Perlman, Glen Gould, The Beatles, Queen, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Elvis, Tom Jones
Favorite Books Far too many to mention but, Shogun, A Prayer for Ownen Meany, A Brief History of Time, The Self and It's Brain, The Black Stalion, Clan of the Cave Bear

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