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Introduction I'm saved. I'm a self-diagnosed Aspie. I've lived a decent life, but sure wish I would have known about AS back in grade school, high school, and college. My friends and I started a website for Autism ( The site is still going, but none of us live in Maryland anymore. I'm walking a fine line between being active in helping those with Aspergers get the most out of life and keeping myself together in the professional realm. Don't know why it's so hard to pursue these goals concurrently, but one provides fulfillment, while the other pays the bills. This is a blog for Saved Aspies. Others are welcome, too! There aren't many of us, probably because we are typically not treated well by social institutions (including churches). But I've come a long way since my self-diagnosis, and I owe it all to Him.
Interests autism, neurodiversity, physics, astronomy, space, aspergers, aspie, autism blogs, bible, Jesus, church
Favorite Movies Romantic Comedies (too bad they don't make more without sex scenes)
Favorite Music Gospel
Favorite Books The Bible