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Introduction My old-fashioned mom always dragged me into the kitchen with her when I was a kid and threatened that I will never find a husband without cooking skills. I, however, always responded by insisting that it was more important to be a successful career woman than to have a husband (yes, this is exactly how I said it at age 7). Alas, business school and a master's degree later, I am beginning to see that maybe there was some truth in her wise words! I fear that deep down is a domestic goddess bursting to come out! The fact that I am a newlywed might have something to do with it... as it turns out, mom was right all along. The way to my husband's heart, is in fact, through his stomach! Oh why hadn't I listened to her so many years ago?? In an effort to rectify the matter, I have now embarked on a quest to become the Domestic Goddess that my mom always knew I could be! There's no reason why you can't be a career woman AND have a husband with a happy tummy! Join me on this adventure as I try out new recipes and test out cool kitchen gadgets!