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Introduction Have you ever been at a party or some sort of an event and there is that one girl in the room who you just can't stop looking at? She is thin, her makeup is perfect, and her outfit is amazing. She seems like she has all the confidence in the world and everyone just gravitates toward her? I'm sure you all know exactly who I'm talking about. That skinny b!tch. While she is smoozing it up with everyone I am the type of girl who stands off in the corner (who am I kidding I'm by the buffet table eating) and complaining to my friends about what a skinny b!tch that girl is. Well this blog is about my journey to find my inner skinny b!tch. I don't want to live life any longer being the big girl in the back (or by the buffet table stuffing my face). I want to be the skinny b!tch. And with my girl Jenny Craig I am going to make it happen! This is the story of how I lost 100 pounds and gained a whole new life.