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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Retired
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
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Introduction I have been studying music for 12 years, trying to catch up to those who started as children. Now I have written some very good music, music that major orchestras would be foolish to ignore. My intent is to define 21st century orchestral music.
Interests Music, Poetry, Human psychology and other Complex Mechanical Devices, Writing music
Favorite Movies Hmmmm Playing Duke Nukem and making up my own .maps, Triplets of Belleville Casablanca, thousands of others.
Favorite Music Beethoven, Shoenberg, Frank Zappa, Don van Vliet, Beatles, Keith Eisenbrey, Gavin Borcherd, Christopher Shainen, Tom Baker, and of course, my own
Favorite Books Finnegans Wake, Ulysses, JR, War and Peace, William Gaddis, And small trashy novels to bore me to sleep at night.

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Clay is finely divided silicates mixed with water. When the water is driven off and the silicates are heated to melting temperature, it becomes pottery.