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Introduction This site is dedicated to my five children, who I love with all my heart. We are victims of divorce case fixing and have been separated for over 2.5 years. I am planning to bring civil and criminal actions against the family law 'professionals' that ruined my family. I want to put together a team of attorneys from all across the United States and file suits in federal court against each of the case fixers, 2 states, 2 counties, several local, state and federal agencies, the Girl Scouts, the Public School System, and anyone else involved. I want to demand jury trials for each case. I want to ask the juries to award my children and me the absolute maximum allowed by law for punitive damages. If you have done any case law research in this area, please let me know. Feel free to refer me to any attorneys or attorney firms that have experience in civil rights and family law and would work on a contingency with other attorneys and expert witnesses. Your suggestions, thoughts, comments and prayers are always welcome. God Bless all of us and our children in our fight for justice.