About me

Gender Female
Location Louisiana, United States
Introduction About me....hum, where do I start?? The most important thing I can say about me is the fact that I am married to a wonderful man, Jason, who is a awesome father to our 2 beautiful children. Jaylin is our 4 year old (going on 17) daddys girl and Jacob is our 1 year old mommas boy. What more could I ask for?!?!
Favorite Movies The only movies I know of these days are Disney movies, Barney or Doodle Bops. Hey, there really not that bad!
Favorite Music I listen to everything. From rock to rap, from country to kids songs. I often find myself singing Jaylins music long after she leaves the room and her radio is still on. It does not even occur to me to turn it off anymore. I go with the flow!
Favorite Books I dont really read anymore for myself. I used to enjoy reading books before I would go to bed at night to relax me, but since the husband and kid thing happend, that went out the window.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Who comes up with these questions???