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Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Introduction We're here to spread B'Dough all over the world's grilled cheese sandwich. We're here to inflict an era of B'Dough run by the 'Doughlings of the convert generation.
Interests B'Dough, Pies, Facial Hair, Sandwiches of unusual origin, cheese, boots, bewts, anti gravity, noodley arm dance, furniture on the ceiling, dried fruit, janitors, abstract art, swords, obvious transvestites, axes, armor, things that go "FUFFULUH", heated debates with fruit, alternate realities, flying (yes we can), the word "bombastic", wind-up toys, welding, man, explosions, cats, WWI, WWII, caffeine, music, underground music, underground beards, bagels, endangered fish, mailmen, exotic birds, droogs, long walks on the beach, poking dead things with a stick, poking living things with a stick until they're dead, poetry, thumbs, twinkle toes, angel cake, boots, Einstein, Ramen, Ramen Martinis, making grilled cheese with waffle irons, bowler hats, whipped cream, crayons, rainbows, guns, nerf guns, animals possessing a waxy texture, slugs, beetles, energy swords, the Dwarven language (language of love), Pewpew, screen printing, bronze casting, mind powers, flaming things, barristas, indie games, somnia, lattes, Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time, free refills, Andy Milonasquez, Paul Ruben, the 50's, kiwis, spoons, spewns, cowbells, sporks, stuff on sticks, oversized coffee mugs, wizards, comfortable socks, jowels, scrumpy, upside down, upside down scrumpy drinking contests, kilts, pocket watches, Scotland, scrabble (not really), windy days, cheese on a stick, alleyways, D&D, bioshock, penumbra, amnesia, Fallout, Minecraft, disembodied toes, toast, budderd toast, jamed buddered toast, super toast, making homemade yogurt, tea, cottage cheese seeping down your back, and one more thing.
Favorite Movies Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, The Wall
Favorite Books The Color of Magic, Howl, Ogden Nash

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