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Occupation Health Information Broker
Location Savannah, Georgia, United States
Introduction I am a 54 year old, disabled women trying to make a living helping others find the information they need for their everyday health concerns. I am currently an expert writer in the field of Arthritis/Fibromyalgia on and In Oct.2010 my article "Resilience: Do You Have What It Takes To Bounce Back?" was mentioned in The World Mental Health Organization's 69 page report. I have recently been asked by if they can include my RSS Feed into their website. I have graciously accepted. My articles have been republished on many sites as well. I have had Fibromyalgia for over 12 years and have done extensive research on it. I've tried many different medications and therapies looking for something that works for me. I know how living with chronic illness can affect not only the person with the chronic illness but also their family members. A chronic illness can be devastating for the person who suffers from it and their families. I love stimulating conversations and debating about subjects I know about and I am also a good listener.
Interests Gardening, needle crafts, art, searching for information, reading, music
Favorite Movies Kingdom of Heaven, DaVince Code
Favorite Music I Want to be a Rock Star, Give Me Your Eyes (so I can see)
Favorite Books All of Dean Koontz books

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