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Introduction My first paintings were impressions of cypress tree lined paths in Verona, Italy in 1959. I started painting hearts in 1996. I painted hearts each morning as a refuge of simplicity; an hour of solitude in an otherwise busy day. The hearts painting unfolded as a world of complexity and relationships. These forms, these hearts, take on for me intimacies which as I paint move me; and when I later see them I bring memories and longings which complete the paintings with my own stories. I particularly appreciate the sheer joy and passion in drawing and painting of my art teacher, Hans Burkhardt, who passed on tradition from his teacher, Arshile Gorkey; as well as Elmer Bishoff of the Bay Area Figurative movement. In this last decade my images have focused on drawings and paintings of relationships; and I have also returned to these heart meditations. The time during which I paint are enduring moments in which I wholly become lost in the figures and relationships which emerge. They are moments of Becoming.