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Location Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Basic H2O, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, otherwise known as water. Water is essential for our survival and good health. How important is it to you that the water your family consumes and bathes in is soft and free of the many contaminants that make their way into our water supply? Additives like chlorine, a proven way to combat waterborne disease— but nevertheless toxic to human tissue. Pollutants like pharmaceuticals, personal care products , detergents, pesticides and even industrial pollution! When you bathe in or drink contaminated water you may be putting your health at risk because water and its constituents are readily absorbed by your body, both when you drink it and through your skin. Efficiently filtering your water removes harmful contaminants. Additionally, efficiently softened water will prolong the life of your fixtures and appliances, not to mention leave your hair and skin feeling silky soft. Our Water Treatment business is proud to be based in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. Our family is committed to providing your family with pure, healthy, soft water. Our customers receive friendly, reliable and uncompromising service. 877-778-8579
Interests Home Water Treatment, Health, Hard Water, Soft Water, Chlorine in Water, Bacterial concerns in water, iron in water, Barrie Ontario