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Introduction What is Number Star you ask? It is a concept of juxtaposing elements. Number: the masses, multiplicity, structure, account, and the abundance of life. Star: individual, light, radiation, singularity, and balls of gas suspended in space infinitely exploding into the fleeting moment. Together they are Number Star: calculated explosions communicating through tin cans attached with strings on opposite sides of the universe. In other words, its a poetic expression of the bottom row of buttons on your telephone keypad. The Experience is as important as the transmission of a message. A majority of my work reacts with chromadepth 3D glasses. The 3D element brings the viewer into these cartoon landscapes. Now they are more than a spectator and a part of that much more of an experience. At the same time they are becoming attuned to the color and visual depth of the work. As an artist I hope to inspire thought through experience and experience through thought.