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Location Brooklyn, NY, United States
Introduction The consummate generalist--I've always had a broad interest in the world around me in all it's facets--from science, politics, economics, spirituality, social sciences, culture. I think for that reason it's becoming easier for me to see this big picture emerging. I'm fascinated by the human experience on this planet and see the breadth of our evolution from as Carl Sagan said, "starstuff pondering the stars; organized assemblages of ten billion billion billion atoms considering the evolution of atoms" to spiritual, sentient beings who are witness to all that we have undone and all that we need to repair in order to continue our evolution into higher beings.
Interests The Big Picture--i.e. educating myself on the issues of Peak Oil and alternative energy, sustainable food systems and communities, green intelligence/design, social responsibility. I also love photography, and travel is a guilty pleasure which I am trying to be responsible about.
Favorite Movies The New World, Goodfellas, A Bug's Life, Wall-e, Twilight Samurai, Black Hawk Down, Seven Samurai, In the Shadow of the Moon, Annie Hall, The Right Stuff, Spirited Away, Citizen Kane, In the Mood for Love, ...
Favorite Music Flamenco Fusion, Afro Cuban jazz, Rock en Espanol, Classic 70s rock, classic and modern R&B, some hip-hop, some jazz, world music especially Brazilian
Favorite Books Deep Economy, Plan B 3.0, Stuffed and Starved, 1491, Buried Mirror, The World is Flat, 100 Years of Solitude, Natural History of the Senses, Prayer for Owen Meany...

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