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Introduction Hello! Thanks for visiting our interactive blog. It's dedicated to your questions, wonderings, insights and musings–all on the subject of human interaction. That's how people relate to others (through communication), and how well they understand themselves (with Focusing, emotional intelligence and Mindfulness). If you want to explore this further, through consultancy, courses or one-to-one coaching, then take a look at our website. Once there, you can also sign up for our email Communication Tips, and take advantage of a wide range of free learning resources: Life at Work
Interests Any aspect of human interaction: COMMUNICATION:, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), needs-based communication, empathic and collaborative communication, challenging conversations, mediation, facilitation, conflict resolution, reconciliation;, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:, understanding self and other, building confidence, decision-making, managing time and tasks, overcoming blocks, finding life directions, Focusing, Whole-body Focusing, improving sleep, exploring dreams, myths;, STRESS REDUCTION & WELL-BEING:, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, mindfulness approaches to well-being, motivation, recognition, building inner resources, meditation.