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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Art Therapy/Mental Health Counselor/Fitness Instructor
Location Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Introduction I am a full-time mental health counselor/art therapist and part-time yoga and fitness teacher. I am working out my philosophy of mental health, physical fitness and creativity. I love travel, adventure and running (literally) around the country with Mallory (http://www.mwrun6.com/).
Interests random things in no particular order: kayaks, yoga, half marathons, flying trapeze, drag queens, Cirque du Soleil, vegetarian food, bicycles, ballet, Mallory, photography, brains on art, hot baths with bubbles, reading, travel, expressive therapy, abstract and surreal photography, Tori Amos, black and white dogs, writing, the environment, world peace, Margaret Cho, green tea, feng shui, making stuff, art museums, really smelly cheese, educated people who cuss, documentaries, Macs and Mac products, swimming, avacados, cheesy 80's dance moves, quantum physics, free foot massages, learning new stuff.
Favorite Movies 127 Hours, Drop Dead Gorgeous, When Night Is Falling, Dodge Ball
Favorite Music I am far too scrawny and too dorky to like hip hop, but I do. I really do. I relate best to the musical selections of 12-year-old boys.
Favorite Books Three Cups of Tea, Life of Pi, Clockwork Orange, Handmaid's Tale, Bhagavad Gita, Johnny Got His Gun, Writings on an Ethical Life, Slaughterhouse Five, Body of Work, Roots, Tipping The Velvet, Bird by Bird, Of Mice and Men, Man's Search for Meaning, DSM-V, Harry Potter (especially 6, 3 and 4 in that order), Little Windows Into Art Therapy, Stiff, Wild

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

Everything that goes with something else, rendering it all entirely useless.