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Industry Arts
Occupation paint and paper junkey.
Location astoria, new york, United States
Introduction i lost it all in the great flood of aught-five; now i live in new york. i make things out of paint and canvas and paper and sheets of plastic and old shirts, and fancier things when i can get my hands on them. i'd like to make a living selling the things that i make, and writing about the things that perplex, anger, and excite me. but that hasn't happened yet. i don't watch television, though i do watch some television shows on dvd. no commercials, see. i'm madly in love. i'd like to go back to school, or at least take a lot more art classes. my family makes me crazy.
Interests prettiness. shiny things. fireflies. rain when it pours down heavy and warm. my man. my friends. untouched snow in moonlight and the color it makes. planning and planning and planning new tattoos. the colors that the sky and the buildings make at twilight. making things out of stolen office supplies.
Favorite Movies harvey, to kill a mockingbird, the incredibles, donnie darko, high fidelity, rear window, supersize me, it's a wonderful life, miracle on 34th street, beetlejuice, down by law, the last time i committed suicide, 12 angry men, mr. smith goes to washington, stranger than fiction, the future of food
Favorite Music billie holiday, ella fitzgerald, fugazi, miles davis, the postal service, black eyes, veruca salt, prokofiev, soul coughing, julie ruin, benny goodman, bjork, burning airlines, john coltrane, radiohead
Favorite Books *the jungle by upton sinclair. *fast food nation by eric schlosser. *food politics by marion nestle. *portrait of a burger as a young calf by peter lovenheim. *diet for a new america by john robbins. *vegan freak by bob and jenna torres. *cat's cradle by kurt vonnegut. *the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera. *the stranger *the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay *middlesex *everything is illuminated *waiting for godot (yes i know it's a play, not a book, but it sure does look like a book all printed and bound like that) *the girl's guide to hunting and fishing (yeah, it's chick lit, but i don't watch TV so i need something, you know) *the great gatsby (and other fitzgerald; his short stories are amazing) *1984 (spooky!) *a movable feast, hemingway's short stories (the ones that are NOT about bullfighting or fishing or boxing) *do androids dream of electric sheep *the perelandra series *something wicked this way comes *wicked *the first third *the brothers karamazov *certain shakespeare *balzac and the little chinese seamstress *actual balzac *nine stories (when you're reading the last one, "teddy", make sure you're eating an apple. it happened to me accidentally, and it added so much...) *a wrinkle in time *a wind in the door *many waters *a swiftly tilting planet *catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger. *a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole...

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

well, first of all i wouldn't laugh because i don't find that sort of thing funny. but if i did, why would i avoid laughing? and who would these people be? if i were a pirate (and how do you know i'm not, anyway?) i would be rogue, sailing from port to port, a legend and barely a fearful whisper on peoples' tongues...