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Location Toronto, ON
Introduction A Baby Boomer (now called the Zoomer Generation!), I've worked with a needle and thread since the '60's. I am a member of ANG, EGA, OCC.
Interests needlework, beading, designing, reality cop shows but not America's Most Wanted
Favorite Music baroque, classical, oldies (50's-70's)
Favorite Books Dorothy Dunnett, brilliant researcher, hailed from Scotland

Please come up with a more appropriate name for the ringtoe:

Inspired by Nature, the echo of a loon on a moonlit lake, a crimson red maple tree reflected in water, the smell of fir trees, a cool offshore breeze, and the taste of a TimBit: all senses engaged. This album is a culmination of your senses in music. Sit back and enjoy yourself as you engage your 5 senses in this music.