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Gender Female
Location Colorado, United States
Introduction Hi, I'm Ella. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Why are we both here? Hopefully because you love biology as much as I do.

I studied ecology, evolution and marine biology at University of California, Santa Barbara. I trust the scientific method, and the laws of physics. That being said, I think that life, our universe, and human compassion are nothing short of magic.

I also believe that science is much more fun when you can share it with others.

Biology? Yes. I love it all. Elephants, whales, birds, bees, frogs, early tetrapod evolution, sexual selection, mating dances, deep sea biology, conservation, evolutionary morphology, physiology, anatomy, anthropology, sea shells, ammonites, crinoids, skeletons, fossils, consciousness, feathered dinosaurs, carbon sequestration, marsupials... plus crystals, volcanoes, asteroids, and deep space... join me in my obsession and follow obsessionBiology.

Chicken monkey shoes?