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Occupation Mother, wife, healer, creative force.
Location Northern California, United States
Introduction Nesting is my life. I'm a mom, a wife, a vegan, and a woman who loves a good project. I am healing my lifelong Rheumatoid Arthritis with food. This is my space to document what I love and keep track of all that I do : : A little info for starters : : I have been vegetarian since January of 2011, vegan since August of 2011. I have had Rheumatoid arthritis for 34 years, since I was 9 months old. Polyarticular JRA. Before this year I ate what most people would consider a'healthy' diet, mostly organic, mostly vegetable : : but still ate meat, cheese, eggs, butter and occasional fried treats at the state fair. I had found a medicine combo that controlled my symptoms for 6 years, but I was uneasy with taking those drugs for the rest of my life. I like my liver, and I'd like to keep it. I took my last dose of medication in September of 2011! Never hesitate to email...I'll share what I know. I am sometimes a slow respond-er, but I will eventually reply! : : : :