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Introduction My husband and I are Canadians who have been living in Seoul, South Korea for over 4 years. Despite the 20 million people living in Seoul and surrounding areas, I have surprisingly met 1 other person with Celiacs. After all, why would someone with Celiacs or a gluten intolerance move to an Asian country where little is known about it? Upon moving here I was only aware that I had a wheat allergy, which I soon began to realize was a gluten intolerance. After much research, trial and errors, and several serious visits to the hospital later, I have now been completely gluten free for two years. I have learned how to live gluten-free in a country that doesn't understand what gluten is. Like so many others with Celiacs or gluten intolerances, I have done my fair share of research. From food to cosmetics and vitamins to medications. I have spent many hours, days, and months researching and trying new products. I hope that you can benefit from my findings to live a more comfortable and happier gluten-free lifestyle.