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Introduction This blogs purpose is to solely serve as an outlet of ideas, thoughts, and investigations into various topics. The hope is to, at some point, have this become a zine in print, in which the pretension, sarcasm, all around good vibes, are transposed onto a paper medium. Occasionally, music will be critiqued and analyzed based on its own merits. When this happens, a download link will usually be posted. This is only to serve as a means to share with the public at large, people who enjoy the simple pleasures in the strum of a chord. If you are a featured artist and would prefer your music removed, please contact me at handfulofdust@gmail.com, and the post will be rightfully removed. Again, this is only to serve as a means for pure enjoyment of music, not as a means for a discussion on the legality of downloadable media, in which the end product is a legal battle. Thanks. If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, slander, praise, or hatemail, please send it to handfulofdust@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.