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Industry Tourism
Occupation Part Time Professional Gypsy
Location South Africa
Introduction Tired of mundane routine, of traffic jams, and of shoes; I adopted a flipping massive teddy bear, a backpack and an anything goes philosophy and began life as a Part Time Professional Gypsy (PTPG)... A life where you never know what could possibly happen next.... A life where you never know exactly what it is you're eating... A life where you never know where or when your next shower will be... A life full of stars and goats and smiles and adventures. A life of epicness.
Interests travel, adventure, cycling, sailing, hitchhiking, people, licking, living, being awesome, kayaking, gypsies, music, dance, life, challenge, food, beach, bare feet

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

Lick. Live. Be awesome!