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Gender MALE
Industry Consulting
Occupation Geostrategist
Location Vienna, Austria
Introduction I am an INDEPENDENT Certified Financial Analyst who worked as a financial journalist for 15+ years and now evaluate global market trends. Analyzing financial and political news permanently I want to share my insight with those who understand that we are in an era of global redistribution of wealth. The US-European centric approach does not work anymore. 6 billion people in the developing countries now demand their fair share of the world's resources. Having worked many years for a leading newswire I have learned to understand the fatal concept of ever expanding credit by heart. If you want to learn about the future of the economy, study history.
Interests ecb, economy, economics, gold, silver, money, fed, federal reserve, fiat money, interest rate, stocks, equities, global, gold standard, politics
Favorite Movies Documentaries
Favorite Books Secrets Of The Temple, Lies My Teacher Told Me, Empire of Debt, Confessions of an Economic Hitman