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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Director, Massage Education
Location United States
Introduction Who am I? I am a massage therapist and educator. The only jobs where I don’t watch the clock waiting for “work” to end. Teaching massage feels like I’m doing exactly what the Divine put me on Earth to do. I am convinced we (Debra and I) can provide training that will assist therapists practice massage for as long as they wish. It saddens me to think many will leave the profession because their body can no longer do the work, or they can't access information teaching necessary skills to sustain their practice. As a kid I didn’t dream about growing up and doing massage. I wanted to be a rock star and play guitar for Bon Jovi. I had a lot of fun using my musical abilities to dream, but in my mid-twenties, decided it was time to grow up. I entered massage school (Body Therapy Institute)and shortly after, began teaching. Growing up in an eight person, Irish-Catholic family also provided the gifts and wounds I would need to fulfill my destiny in a massage profession. On occasion however, I still open the guitar case and bust out a few tunes. Louie Armstrong once said: “Music is the space between the notes.” I might add: “Massage is the space between the strokes.”
Favorite Music Sunday mornings are for James Taylor and Van Morrison, Friday nights are for Van Halen The Ramones and KISS, In between I like The Gin Blossoms & Gavin Degraw
Favorite Books The Courage To Teach by Parker Palmer, Body-Centered Psychotherapy by Ron Kurtz, Sphere by Michael Crichton, The Anatomy of Change by Richard Heckler.

If not I, then who?