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Location River Falls, WI
Introduction I dance in the rain... sing in the shower, color in coloring books, swing on the swings, skip down the halls, stay up late, try my best, read too much, quote movies often, love my family, live for my friends, and continue to be me day in and day out- no matter what other people think about it. My biggest weakness is putting other people before myself. I promise to be there if/when someone needs to talk, vent, wants advice, someone to hang out with, to act psychotic with, a hug... anything... im there, no strings attached.
Interests painting, drawing, reading, watching movies, roller skating, hanging with friends.
Favorite Movies Pride and Prejudice- the 6 hr version. Dark Knight.
Favorite Music almost anything except Taylor Swift..., Linkin Park, AFI, Hellogoodbye, Beatles, Queen, cartel... many many more
Favorite Books anything by Jodi Picoult.