About me

Occupation Loving Wife and the Best Mother, or so I'm told...
Location Ca, United States
Introduction I'm just a small town girl,(not really) livin' in a lonely world(not at all), and took the midnight train goin' anywhere(no I didn't). He just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit (no he wasn't), he took the midnight train goin' any where... (no he didn't) But we both sing out loud " Don't stop,..... Believin'"
Interests Reading if there's time, Shopping if we have money, playing if the kids are outside, gardening and trying not to kill anything, and of course lovin' my fam!!
Favorite Movies Who has time for movies?
Favorite Music Pretty much old school anything, 80's glam rock, r&b, country, Jazz, Soul, Punk, I love it all!!
Favorite Books Favorite Authors are easier, Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Michael Palmer, David Baldacci, Steve Martini, Sheri Dew, to name a few...