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Introduction Welcome to Windham Weekly You won't find breaking news here. We are here to compliment local news media with an analysis, comparison, contrasts and those hard-to-find statistics and facts of local events. You won't find half-cocked rants. And no regurgitated drivel. Just fluff-less news. Baseball, America’s Pastime, and life features round out our content. So give us a look. Let us build your trust. Put us on your "speed dial" and tell your friends. We start off today with an eight part blog on Windham's schools, what went wrong, how it went wrong and the main players that let it go wrong. In the future we will devote a disproportional amount of blog space to education for if our schools faill so will Windham. In anticipation of opening day of Major Leage Baseball we will add two baseball blogs on April 7th and 8th. These should be enjoyed by all and don't have much to do with our favorite past time other then both occurred in a baseball stadium. On April 13, 2012 we will begin a three part series on Windham's town council and how several members are attempting to close government to its citizens.