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Introduction Siddha Vidya was introduced for the first time by His Holiness Swamiji Sivananda Paramahamsa, the divine preceptor of preceptors. He is a native of North Malabar (Kerala, India ). This Vidya by itself is nothing new and Swamiji vouches that it had been practiced by our old forefathers while doing tapas in the forests and mountains of our blessed Motherland. By the passing away of those divine Rishis and Munis of old the Vidya had perhaps been gradually forgotten or mispractised in some form or other. The blessed Guru, Swamiji Sivananda Paramahamsa, the Founder of Siddha samaj, who discovered the shortest and easiest way to self-realization, Kaivalya, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or moksha, has traveled all through India from Cape Comorin to Afghanistan, through forests and mountains, where, even at the present day, Rishis and Munis and other sadhus still do tapas. He has by constant practice experienced himself what all has been said in his philosophical book called “SIDDHA VEDAM”.
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Favorite Books Siddhavedam from Swami Sri Sivanandhaparamahamsar, Founder of Siddhasamaj (Siddhasramam, Vadakara, Kerala ) Realy Great!!!