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Gender MALE
Occupation Political Leader, Business Executive, Social Entrepreneur, Social Scientist, Communicator
Location La Vallée-Jacmel, Plateau Central et Port-au-Prince (Cité Soleil), Haiti
Introduction Qui est Justima?: Un homme qui voit le côté positif des choses et qui part en guerre contre l'idée fataliste qu'Haïti qui est sans cesse dans une descente et chute libre mystiques depuis 200 ans ne se resaisira pas dans les 5 prochaines années pour commencer à réussir une ascencion matérielle et mentale qui va étonner le monde. Un homme de croyances profondes et de principes qui part en guerre contre notre instabilité politico-sociale chronique, désordre institutionnel systémique généralisé, dysfonctionnement économique total et qui dit qu'Haïti a besoin d'un pouvoir volontariste fort pour combler le retard et le mal-developpement de plus de 200 ans. Un homme de famille qui croit que si le plus petit noyau d'Haïtiens qui est la famille connaisse un renouveau et re-apprenne à tisser entre ses membres des liens de confiance et de constance solides et durables ceci refairait fractalement la société haïtienne et le tissu social haïtien et augmenterait exponentiellement le capital social sur lequel on doit lever une nouvelle nation. Un homme qui adore chanter, danser, faire à manger, voyager et qui adore aimer. Justima est le second plus jeune ancien Candidat à la Présidence d'Haiti.
Interests Who is Justima?: A man who sees the positive side of things and of the Haitian people and who wants to defeat soundly the idea that Haiti, which is ceassessly in a mystical downward spiral and in a free fall for over 200 years now, will not be able to summon what it takes over the next 5 years to start reversing itself in ascending now materially and intellectually in a way that shocks and awes the rest of the world. A man of deep beliefs and of principles who declares war to our perennial or chronic social misery and political instability, wholesale and systemic institutional disorder, as well as our to our total economic dysfunctionality and negative growth, and who says what the country needs is a strong voluntary leader and tough coach to train and motivate us to play catch up and make up for the 200 years of mis-development. A family man who believes if the Haitian family, as the smallest Haitian nucleus, could renew the deep and historical family values bond that were so foundational to us when we were becoming a people, this would have a fractal ripple effects that would literally remake the fabrics of the Haitian society today in a way that creates a huge social capital upon which we must rely to levy a new nation. A man who loves singing, dancing, cooking, traveling, and loves love. Justima is the second youngest former Haitian Presidential Candidate
Favorite Movies Gouverneur de la Rosée, Anita, Sissi l'Impératrice, First Knight, Gladiator, The American President, The Emperor's Cub, South Pacific, Titanic, All Romatic Movies, Fallen, Godfather (trilogy), Ghandi, Braveheart, Troy, All the Indiana Jones, Ali, Sex and the City
Favorite Music Classical music, Compas, Troubadour, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Hip Hop, Reggaeton
Favorite Books 1- Janvier, Louis Joseph. THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI AND ITS VISITORS, one of the two most famous Haitian scholars ever. 2- Price-Mars, Jean. SO SPOKE THE UNCLE. Classic 1928 study by the most famous Haitian scholar ever. 3-Scofield, John. HAITI -- WEST AFRICA IN THE WEST INDIES. In National Geographic, Feb. 1961. 4-Sheehan, Arthur and Elizabeth. PIERRE TOUSSAINT. A 1955 biography of Pierre Toussaint, ex-Saint Domingue slave who has recently been beatified by the Vatican and may well become the first Haitian saint. 5-Tarry, Ellen. THE OTHER TOUSSAINT: A POST-REVOLUTIONARY BLACK. Biography of Pierre Toussaint, ex Haitian slave who lived a saintly life in New York and has recently been elevated to the status of "blessed" by the Roman Catholic Church. 6- The Bible and All Sacred Writings