About me

Gender Male
Industry Student
Location Joliet, IL, United States
Introduction A smart, odd, no common sense, hyper, indecisive, sarcastic, short, skinny, multiple personality, greedy, exaggerrating, misspelling, grammar-hating, grammar-correcting, T.V. show-addicting, babysitting, crazy, funny, annoying, boastful, instigating, mature, immature, and creative boy with a touch of OCD that goes by the name of Jake. It's January 2009. That above "About Me" has been up there for almost a year and I just realized it makes it seem like my name really isn't Jake. It makes it seem like it's my fake name, but no, my name really is Jake.
Interests Making money, Playing Piano
Favorite Movies Any Comedy
Favorite Music Rock, Country, Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, Simple Plan
Favorite Books I Am America