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Gender MALE
Location Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Whenever anything is pulled in a downward direction against its will with an ever increasing force, only 1 of 2 possible outcomes can occur. It either succumbs to the downward pull, or the force that is pulling snaps and the object is catapulted the other way. This is perhaps the simplest way to sum up the events of my life. After many years of anger, bitterness, depression and resentment at the way I had perceived my life, something snapped and my consciousness shot up the other way. After several days I settled back into a more neutral place, one that was still much better than where I had come from. This was the beginning of a spiritual and inquisitive journey not only to find my way back to where I spent those few days, but also to try and understand what had happened to me. My intention was to figure out how it all worked in a way that could hopefully also benefit others. With each passing day I spend ever increasing amounts of time in a silent mind, each day closer to the state I spent those few days in. I now know that reaching that state is not the end of the journey, for there is an infinite amount of space in which the soul can grow.