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Introduction I am a book nerd. After being sadly deprived of time for non-school related fiction during college and law school, I am attempting to make up lost ground as quickly as I can. Wondering what I'm doing? Quite likely sitting somewhere with my nose in a book. Or stocking up on new books at my local library or, around my birthday and the holidays, at my local bookstore.
Favorite Music Well.. after a Beatles-themed wedding reception and Abbey Road wedding pictures, I can't really claim anything but the Beatles as a favorite band.
Favorite Books For years my standard answer was Gone With the Wind, a book I read the summer before sixth grade. It's been a few years since I reread it for the hundredth (okay, maybe the fifth) time, and since September 2009 I have been singing the praises of The Shadow of the Wind. Possibly time for a reread of that one so I can blog about it more coherently than exclaiming how gorgeous it is!