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Introduction Unitary Perception: Perception not directed towards any object.
Interests Unitary Perception is something that is very simple to define, something very easy to do, something that doesn’t require any effort at all. However, it is THE NARROW DOOR, through which the ballast of words cannot pass, however poetic, philosophical and metaphysical they might be. When I say that it is the narrow door, it is implicit that it IS NOT one door among many, but the only one that there is. The big religions are just shells of words which are fabricated around that fundamental action, Unitary Perception. We have to recognize that very often we prefer literary religious and metaphysical narrations, to passing through the narrow door of Unitary Perception. And when we decide to enter, it is easy to fall back into our habitual state, which is the fragmentary perception of thought, words, knowledge, fear, sadness, anger, imagination, fantasy, and even lies itself. Once again we believe that the teaching is for everyone, but not for oneself. The Passion for Silence - Rubén Feldman González --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A mind which is seeking the 'more' is never conscious of 'what is' because it is always living in the 'more'-in what it would like to be, never in 'what is'. ... So we are asking is there a holistic awareness of all the senses, therefore there is never asking for the 'more'. I wonder if you follow all this ?. Are we together in this even partially?. and where there is this total-fully aware-of all the senses, awareness of it-not you are aware of it.... the awareness of the senses in themselves-then there is no centre[...] Jiddu Krishnamurti