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Gender Male
Occupation Public Relations
Location KuaLa LuMpUr - PoRt DiCkSoN - ViCtoRiA PoiNt, KuALa LuMpUR - RaNgOoN - SyDnEy - MuMbAi, Malaysia
Introduction I love pop-up cards. I love to make them, send them, and receive them. But as anyone who has tried to design their own cards knows, creating these things is really hard. You have to cut, glue, fold, test, modify, cut, glue, test, on and on forever in order to get the pieces to move correctly. If the card is even mildly complicated, designing the card can become an endless project. I decided to create a program to help me design my cards, so that I could just move the pieces of paper around into the positions where I wanted them, and then the machine would figure out the correct shapes, fold lines, and glue points that are required. Pop-up rulezz~!!
Favorite Movies FoReStT GuMp, SaViNg PriVaTe RyAn, ScHiNdLeR's LiSt, GrEaSe, KiLL BiLL, PuLp FiCtiOn EtC...
Favorite Music FrAnK SiNaTRa, AnDy WiLLiAmS, JuLiO iGLeSiAs, AmY MaStUrA EtC...