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Industry Environment
Occupation human dwelling infiltrator
Location United States
Introduction My name is Veker Mantis. I think I am a California Praying Mantis but being on the job studying humans for so long has caused me to lose all self identity.
Interests Eating. I love eating. The humans I am studying are kind to bring me a delitious meal of beatle or fruit fly a few times a day. It is too bad that once I am large enough they, themselves, will make a nice meal.
Favorite Movies Oh, IMAX's "Bugs". Did you see how I dominated that film? Made me very hungry.
Favorite Music I like to jam to a little "Cricket Whistle" once in a while. Oh, now I am very hungry.
Favorite Books National Audubon's Field Guide To Insects And Spiders. Excellent reading. Makes me very hungry.

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

An ankle tastes a little gritty with little meat and too much bone. A consequence... Well, I don't know what that tastes like but it's making me very hungry.