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Gender Female
Industry Education
Occupation Mommy
Location Irmo, SC
Introduction "Just a second," Kelly says. She screws the sippy lid on with a practiced hand. Her almost three-year-old mumbles “tanks” and wrestles with the back door handle. The whooping of his siblings on the tramp is loud from the bottom of the hill. "Where were we?" Kelly asks me. "Something about your past," I say. “I got married and graduated from UF in 1999, then had four kids. I write when I can." A girl pokes her head in. "Can I have some water?" "Sure. Don't spill." The girl bounces to the fridge. Kelly rests her fingers on the keyboard and tries to refocus. The back door opens to a kindergartner. "Something sticky’s in my hair." Kelly gestures, and the boy bends towards my keyboard. I shudder. She pinches a cowlick between her fingers. "Oatmeal. How'd you do that?" "I dunno." The door slams and immediately reopens. "He won't stop crying." The oldest boy sets the youngest on a chair. I turn off my speech recognition. Kelly leans over him, and I miss her words, but she puts his shoes on, and his mouth shuts. I turn voice recognition back on. "I’ve got to go," Kelly says. She hits my power button, but I'm not worried. She'll be back after bedtime.