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Introduction I'm a singer, writer, performer, humorist (I say 'humorist' because I don't think I have enough of an "edge" to be called a know, no one thinks "Janeane Garofalo" or "Dave Chapelle" when they think "Josie"!) and I often have a "day job", too. But I LOVE to cook. Some say it's bordering on obsession...but you can judge that for yourself. I do love food...but more specifically--I love to feed people! As much as I love thinking about what I want to for the ingredients...making the dish or baking the pastry...then thinking about how I will improve upon it the next real love is in feeding it to others. I cook far more than I could ever hope to eat myself, so my friends, family and neighbors are the lucky recipients of my obsession. At least I *hope* they think it lucky! That's pretty much why I moved to New York City (I mean along with all the arts, culture, theatre, live music, great food, and performing opportunities)--I needed more people to feed. So I thought, a city with over 8 million people? That's for me! I can't possibly run through them all....or can I?